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Developed with industry, for industry, Trade Certification is a nationally recognised accreditation programme for civil contractors. It combines a recognised trade qualification with certified hours of practical experience, and leads to registration as a Certified Tradesperson.

Why get Civil Trades Certified?

Benefits to Employers
  • Improves the productivity, efficiency and safety of the workforce
  • Lowers the overall risk profile of the workplace and therefore business
  • Improves business attributes and scores during tender evaluation
  • Reduces rework
  • Attracts and retains employees
Benefits to Employees
  • Provides an industry career not just a company job
  • A clear career path to attract young people linking to Vocational Pathways
  • Credibility: recognisable and respected Trade
  • Formal recognition of already acquired competency, skills and experience
  • Income growth opportunities
Benefits to Infrastructure Sector
  • Provides effective method of replacing the ageing workforce
  • Increases Industry capability and capacity to meet demands from the following: growth in new infrastructure construction, introduction of new technologies, requirement for efficiency gains from improved infrastructure asset management, and new Health and Safety legislation
You can choose to be Civil Trades Certified in three areas:

Road Construction and Maintenance
a. Earthworks
b. Road Construction
c. Road Maintenance
d. Non-Structural Concrete

Pipeline Construction and Maintenance
a. Trenched
b. Trenchless
c. Water
d.  Wastewater and Stormwater

Road Surfacing 
a. Bituminous Mixes
b. Chipseal
c. Slurry
d. Binder Manufacturing
e. Bituminous Mixing operation
f. Bituminous Spraying Operation

View the Civil Trade Certification Practical Experience Portfolio document


 There are three ways to gain your level 4 Connexis qualification:

1. New Zealand Apprenticeship (NZA) Package.
Perfect for those who are new to the industry. In this 2-3 year programme, you will be trained in your specialist level 4 qualification, as well as learn the skills from the Plant and Equipment Operation Level 3 and Infrastructure Works Level 3 qualification that are relevant to you, without having to complete them in their entirety.

2. Individual Qualifications pathway
If you have already completed some unit standards from Level 2/Level 3 qualifications, but have had less than 5 years’ experience in the industry, The continuing on with the individual qualifications could be the right path for you.

3. Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)
If you have been working in the industry at a high level for the last 2 years, and have over 5 years’, you could be eligible to complete your Level 4 qualification through RCC.  

RCC Eligibility Criteria Checklist

Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) Information Brochure


Once you have your level 4 Connexis qualification, and have gained the experience to meet the required level of competency, you will be eligible to apply for Civil Trades Certification.


How to get Civil Trades Certified – General information about the Civil Trades Certification process.

Civil Trades Career Progression Pathway – How you can turn your level 4 qualification into Civil Trades Certification

For the Applicant:

Civil Trades Certification Approved Qualifications – make sure you have achieved one of the approved qualifications for Civil Trades Certification

Civil Trades Certification Eligibility Criteria ­– are you eligible to apply for Certification?

Practical Experience Guidelines – Find out more about the experience needed to show you meet the required level of competence.

The Application process:

Process for applying for Trade Certification – Your guide to applying for Civil Trades Certification

Civil Trades Certification Application Form – Download your Application form here

Example reference letter - Employer 

Example reference letter - External referee

Appeals and Disciplinary Information

Civil Trades Certification Appeal Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Recertification Information

Recertification Policy

 Evaluator & Moderation Information

Trade Certification Evaluator and Moderation Policy

Civil Trades Certifying Conversation Template - Civil Works
Civil Trades Certifying Conversation Template - Bituminous Product Manufacturing
Civil Trades Certifying Conversation Template - Bituminous Surfacing Construction
Civil Trades Certifying Conversation Template - Utilities Maintenance
Civil Trades Certifying Conversation Template - Pipe Installations 

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New Zealand's First Civil Trades Certified Tradespeople

Congratulations to the first 14 tradespeople in New Zealand to be Civil Trades Certified!

All 14 tradespeople gained their Civil Trades Certification in Road Construction and Maintenance, here they are in the order in which they completed the certification process:

Civil Trades Certified Tradespeople NZ