Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation

Civil Qualifications

Connexis offers a wide range of qualifications for people working in the following civil industry sectors:

  • Civil construction
  • Roading and pavement surfacing
  • Roadmarking
  • Utilities and subdivisions
  • Rural contracting and agrichemical application
  • Surveying
  • Civil engineering
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management, and
  • Infrastructure Asset Management
Qualifications can be achieved individually, or as part of a structured career pathway with progression from introductory through to advanced level.

Most qualifications include optional units, enabling them to be tailored to meet individual job requirements and the specific needs of employers and their staff.

Available qualifications are listed on the menu at the side of this page.

We currently have five Apprenticeships available in the Civil Construction Industry. Find out more about how you can kickstart your career with a New Zealand Apprenticeship.

To start mapping out your industry training pathway, please see our Civil Qualifications Pathway or Contact Us to find out more.

Please also see our Civil Trades Pathway to see which qualifications will make you eligible to apply for Civil Trades Certification